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The staff at St. Anthony are dedicated to helping you.   Business hours are from 9 to 4 Monday through Friday.  You may reach us by phone at 937-253-9132, by Fax at 937-253-6658,  or through email.


Pastor:  Father Greg Konerman:

Parochial Vicar:  Fr. John Klobuka:

Director of Evangelization:  Sharon Christy:

School Principal:  Alana Campion:

Director of Administration:  Bill Leibold:

Accountant:  Denise Young:

Music Director:  Adele Rapelye:

Administrative Assistant/Pastoral Associate:  Sue Jenkins: 


Child Care Director:  Mary Loper: 


Website  Administrator:


St. Anthony Catholic Elementary Schooll:  937-253-6251;  Fax:  937-253-1541;  Cafeteria:  937-253-1614

School Website:

Child Care Center:  937-258-0090  Website:  St. Anthony YMCA Early Learning Center:


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