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From the Pastor’s Desk:

Our Jesus is alive!

The Resurrection proves that Jesus is the Christ and has conquered sin and death on our behalf.  To really believe this makes all the difference both in how we live our lives and in how we respond to the lives of others.  For to know te LIving Christ is to experience His loving companionship in all we do.  To know the Living Christ is to have the consolation of His mecy at evry request.  To know the Living Christ is to carry our crosses with courage.  To know the Living Christ is to persevere through our sufferings with hope. To know the Living Christ is to serve Him joyfully ii our brothers and sisters.  To know the Living Christ is to know true LOVE.


So proclaim it from the rooftops–the Perfect Love of God has won the day!  Our Jesus is alive–and that mekes all the difference.

May your family be especially blessed during this Holy Easter Season!

Fr. Greg Konerman, Pastor




You have probably noticed that St. Anthony parish campus has become quite a construction zone lately!  The projects that began last summer will continue through the Spring and Summer of 2017.  By the completion of the project our beautiful church will be sporting a brand new tile roof and new gutters, and show off new front steps and sidewalk. In addition, the School boiler room structure will be reinforced.

During all this construction work, every effort will be made to impact you, the parishioners, as little as possible–while ensuring your safety as well.  Please click here to read the current update on our progress.  As updates become available, please check back often.